Founders Notes: March

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Each month I write a personal reflection on the month gone by, some musings and thoughts on running a start up in the age of...

And here we are, April 2021. Month four of the year, Easter, Spring, more daylight - all these words can’t help but make me feel optimistic. 

But, before I get wrapped up in the excitement and freshness of April...

How was March for you?

March 2021 Reflections:

  • International Women’s Day
  • Is it the end of our virtual life? From meal kits to virtual kombucha workshops.
  • New Beginnings.

International Women’s Day

This year, truthfully the day caught me off guard and I hadn’t given it much thought.

I always feel that being considered a ‘female founder’ is sometimes a bit strange - why can us women not just be ‘founders’ too? I guess we can. Needless to say, it felt incredibly inspiring to see so many virtual events focused on championing women - from panels to dedicated workout classes (I’m looking at you BLOK)

One panel in particular I enjoyed was the ‘women rock drinks’ - with some inspiring ladies genuinely rocking in drinks - Emma Heal, Rachael Vaughan Jones etc - hearing stories, challenges and insights into being a woman in the drinks industry is a humbling reminder that we have a way to go, but there’s a lot of positive change in motion. There’s nothing like listening to a shared experience.

I also enjoyed this article by Lucky Saint - featuring some very inspiring women in industry I certainly look up to! After all, you can’t be what you can’t see.

Is it the end of virtual life?

After a year on zoom, working out in the kitchen and existing in a very virtual sphere of connection. A lot of businesses have had to adapt (ourselves included). If you’d have told me we would be selling so many kombucha homebrew kit’s at the end of 2019 I would possibly have laughed…

Now, we can have almost anything we want streamed on our laptop, or delivered to our door - restaurant quality food at home, or a night learning how to make the perfect pizza in a pan (thank you Pizza Pilgrims) 

Lockdown has forced us to find new ways to have fun, learn and connect. At Fix8, we have taught corporate kombucha workshops, and whilst it isn’t the same energy exchange as connecting with a group in real life, it’s been a lot easier.

I suppose I’m curious if this time next year we’ll still be enjoying meal kits, virtual workshops and renditions of Joe Wicks in our kitchen for that daily sweat. 

Honest Burger's Meal Kit - 10/10

New Beginnings

March also bought with it the equinox, a change in the clocks, weather, wild garlic season (my favourite), and for me - a new home! Having spent 3 months in lockdown hibernating in the countryside, it’s felt refreshing to move to a new home in South London...

There’s something exciting and scary about moving house. A total upheaval of one’s life to then settle in a new space. New bed, new routine, new neighbourhood. 

One thing’s for sure, for the first time in a while I can truly say I’m feeling a sense of renewal, optimism, and looking forward to brighter days ahead. Oh - and a haircut!

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