Health Benefits of Fix8 Kombucha Explained #2

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#2 What's all this talk about the gut? 

Our mission with Fix8 has always been to put flavour at the forefront of a functional product. No more “holding your nose as you drink a green juice” - finally, a healthy product that tastes delicious. 

Last week, we covered digestion and fermentation, this week we’re taking a close look at the connection between your gut and your brain, why it’s important and what it really means for you.

Fun Fact According to Dr Phil Burnett speaking on a recent BBC Documentary about mental health: “there are more microbes in your gut that stars in the milky way”

But, what’s important here, is that gut bacteria (microbes) produce nutrients and neurotransmitters which are chemicals that convey important messages to our brain. 

That gut feeling everybody talks about, well - turns out it’s a real thing. 

Now let me explain why, and here’s what you need to know: The Vagus Nerve.

The gut and brain are connected by the very important vagus nerve. Hear that, folks?

They have a two way relationship of communicating to each other, including how emotions are controlled.

Ever wondered why when you’re anxious you might need the toilet more? Or if you have feelings of depression why you might feel ‘clogged up’? All to do with the gut-brain axis.

What’s more, researchers have found that around 75-90% of serotonin (happy hormones) in the body are produced in the gut!  And the BBC have confirmed that in a recent research study, participants who included probiotics in their diet one only a month recorded improvements in levels of concentration and a decrease in cortisol in the body.

Which simply put, translates to less anxiety and stress in the body. 

Including probiotics (like Fix8) in our diet is just part of the puzzle. 

Other ways to improve the vagus nerve and production of serotonin in the body include: breathwork, exercise, yoga - but also singing, chanting, humming or gargling! (More examples here).

The takeaway?

  • The Gut-brain connection is real, thanks to our friend the vagus nerve
  • The Gut is responsible for the majority of production of immune cells and serotonin in the body.
  • A direct way to improve your gut microbes is to include a wide variety of plant based foods and fibre in your diet - diversity is what we’re going for here!
  • Importantly, including fermented food and drinks like kimchi and kombucha add to microbial diversity
  • A direct way to improve your vagus nerve tone is investing in self care from yoga to exercise to singing - but importantly, including probiotics (like Fix8) in your diet
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