Product Spotlight: The Fix8 Homebrew Kit

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Our homebrew products have been on the market for a year now - happy anniversary to us!

We thought we'd share the story behind where they came from, plus, if you’ve ever wondered whether to try our kits or not, give this a read, and I’m sure you’ll be convinced...

At Fix8, we brew our kombucha in the traditional way, blending 4 simple ingredients, which are expertly fermented to create that all singing all dancing flavoursome kombucha. It’s so easy, that pre-Lockdown, we’d often teach classes with members of the public, teaching them how they can brew, just like us, at home.

We had all the kit for these classes ready and waiting in our brewery for when we’d be able to host these events again, and then Freya, our founder, came up with the brilliant idea; “let’s get these kits to the public so they can brew at home!” 

And so, the homebrew kit was born. And frankly, we now can’t imagine Fix8 without it. Our homebrew kit provides everything you need to brew kombucha at home, for a lifetime, and works out to creating a glass of kombucha for just 20p per glass - talk about good value. 

As you may know full well by now, kombucha is made from 4 key ingredients:

  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Water 

In our kits, you’ll find our original Fix8 propriety tea blend, a gorgeous mix of Nilgiri Black Tea from the Glendale Estate in India, and Sencha Green Tea from China. This is the exact blend we use in our own bottled and canned kombucha, so it’s the really good stuff. 

We also send out the perfect amount of organic cane sugar, which again, is the same sugar we use in our larger brews. If you’re ever in need of a sweet tooth hit, come check out our brewery where we’ve got bags of the stuff! 

Now, truth be told, we don’t send out water in the kits - so we keep our finger’s crossed that you can get your hands on some filtered water from home! Needless to say, the instructions clearly indicate what kind of water to use, and how much. 

And finally, the SCOBY - now this has caused some confusion in the past… Seasoned kombucha brewers often expect a jelly pancake to arrive in their homebrew kit, as this pancake is a fairly iconic characteristic of a kombucha brew. However, this pellicle is not necessary for a successful brew! All you need is some “starter liquid”, which is essentially concentrated kombucha from an original batch. We’ve got gallons and gallons and GALLONS of this at our brewery, which we constantly draw from to create Fix8, but this is also where your bottles of SCOBY come from. 

Next up, we’ve got the more technical parts - the 3 litre kilner jar, which is the vessel you use to brew your kombucha. Now here's some insider info: we originally started with 2 litre jars, but we had resounding feedback that they simply weren’t big enough to satisfy the thirst for homebrew booch! So we bumped it up to a 3 litre jar, with a handy tasting tap for testing your brews without disturbing the batch, and also for easy distribution - win, win.

Alongside the jar, you can choose to add on 2 x 1 litre flip top bottles, which are perfectly designed for the second stage of fermentation (where you add flavours, such as fruit, spices or even vegetables!). 

Needless to say, the kit comes with full instructions, and the best part; 20 days of focused support and attention from our head brewer, Chris. We created the Scoby Guru hotline (accessible by sending an email to, where you can send all your questions, queries, and pictures of your brew, for Chris to cast his expert eye over and determine the brew’s health and wellbeing. 

The homebrew kits have been more popular than we could have ever imagined, and the response from our customers have been overwhelming. It is simply staggering to imagine that there are now thousands of Fix8 kombucha babies brewing up and down the country, and it fills our hearts to know that they have all come directly from our master batch at Fix8 HQ. 

It’s been a joy and a privilege to teach thousands of people how to brew kombucha, and it could be you next, so go on, give it a whirl…

Fancy giving it a go? Purchase here!

Here are some success stories by our budding Fermentalists:



Fancy giving it a go? Purchase here!

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