KOM-BOO-CHA. Now practise 3 times.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink which originated from Asia thousands of years ago, where it was known as the ‘tea of immortality’. It is made using four simple ingredients: tea, water, sugar, SCOBY (symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria).

A very, very small amount, naturally from the tea. About 1/10th of a cup in fact! We drink Fix8 in the evening and feel fine. But you know yourself best!

Beyond the exciting look of our cans and and delicious (unique) flavours – our true stand out quality is the combination of quality kombucha alongside science-backed live cultures. To top it off, we add vitamin C for immune health. No other kombucha in the UK has this combo and we’re super proud of that.

Having adequate vitamin C is one of the easiest ways we can top up our immune health! In a post-pandemic world, we thought it could only do the drink (and you) more good.

12-18 months. But to be sure, check the base of our can.

You can pop our drinks in a cool place away from sunlight. Make sure you store them in the fridge before drinking though. This is very important!

We suggest drinking ice-cold. Any time of day but we like it best as an afternoon ‘cold can moment’. Pour into a glass over ice or drink straight from the fridge. Our founder Freya loves drinking it out of a wine glass in the evening instead of alcohol. But, if you’re prone to a tipple, our Fix8 Kombucha’s are a great mixer with any spirit. Try: Fix8 Ginger Turmeric + Vodka for a ‘modern Moscow mule’!

Fix8 is non-alcoholic.

If you’re eating live foods such as kefir, yoghurt or taking probiotics – you are most likely fine to consume Fix8. However, it is always safer to consult your doctor before consuming if unsure.

There is a teeny tiny amount of sugar in our kombucha’s as it is an essential part of the kombucha fermentation process. But it’s not in there for you, it’s in there for the yeast and bacteria to live off and allow fermentation to happen. No sugar = no fermentation = no kombucha! Without sugar, there is also nothing to keep the bacteria alive and they will (sadly) die off. Be wary of ‘zero sugar’ kombuchas.

Oh where do we begin!

The probiotic bacteria in kombucha is where it gets it’s gut health association from. It’s part of the cultured club: kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha.

Probiotic or ‘living’ food is essential for a diverse and healthy gut microbiome.

Organic acids found in kombucha are also known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effect.

Live cultures are probiotic bacteria that contribute to good gut health.

We want to give you the maximum gut health benefit from drinking our kombucha’s. We know that not a lot of kombucha in cans have surviving bacteria left in them sadly. So we wanted to go above and beyond. Our added live cultures are science-backed, so you get a double hit of goodness for your gut, and we can prove it.

The added Vitamin C in our kombucha drinks is there to top up your levels. Science shows Vitamin C and immunity are linked. Science also shows that Vitamin C is required for the normal functioning of your immune system, so it’s a win-win!

We have a low-calorie content (between 30-36 calories per can) and use absolutely no sweeteners or flavour modulators such as erythritol. Call us purists, but we prefer our totally kombucha natural.

Fix8 Teas

Simply your everyday favourite tea (black, green, peppermint, ginger), with added live cultures for a gut health benefit.

Just how you usually brew your cup of tea! Super simple. No changes.

Yes! Our live cultures are designed to withstand high temperatures, and have shown to remain at close to their full activity rate even after one-hour of exposure to boiling water - so they’ll still get to work, even if you’re a reaaaallllly slow drinker!

The cultures we use are specially coated to ensure they reach your gut, where they can then proliferate. We’ve put these little helpers through their paces to make sure they can survive being in a fizzy, bubbly kombucha and in a boiling hot brew! After those harsh environments, they’ll be more than happy to call your tummy home!

Tea lovers all around! If you love tea, you will love our FIX8 Cultured Tea range.

We’ve just added MORE benefits to your regular tea. Knowing how important gut health is for your immune system, skin health, digestion and even sleep - our FIX8 Cultured Tea’s just give you more from your cup of tea.

Absolutely not! The added live cultures are designed to increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut - bringing it back into balance.

As many as you like!

We source our tea from the most lush and fertile ground in the Kenyan rift-valley. These really are some of the best tea growing regions of the world.

The Rainforest Alliance is an organisation committed to ensuring sustainable supply chains. Only producers with the highest standards across all areas of their business, from using clean fertilisers, to ensuring fair wages and minimising their impact on our planet, can call themselves RFA approved. We very proudly use only RFA teas in our blends!

For more information visit: the Rainforest Alliance website.