SELF CARE IDEAS FOR MIND AND BODY - A conversation with Made by Coopers

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It's safe to say the past year has rocked the "boat of life". We were so pleased to invite our friends at Made By Coopers to share some tips and ideas on how to navigate looking after ourselves as we transition out of COVID-19...

As we begin to return to a more normal way and pace of life, self-care still remains a priority. Creating time and space to look after and nurture our minds and bodies has become essential for a positive outlook, increased efficiency in our work and better relationships with the people we care about. The possibilities of success amongst our personal and professional lives depend on
how we look after ourselves. Here are our favourite self care ideas:

1. Aromatherapy

Where Made By Coopers originated from, the experiences of aromatherapy have the ability to enhance wellbeing. By practicing rituals including various scent combinations, new balance can be brought to daily life. This can be included in diffusers that emit aromas at specific times of day to keep us harmonious with our surroundings, to the inclusion of them on yoga mats to aid the synchronisation of our bodies and minds through movement.

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2. Skincare

When we make time for any personal routine, we invest a little something in ourselves. Not only can skincare bring us confidence on the outside but it nourishes us as we make time for ourselves each day. From fresh grapefruit to awaken the senses in the morning and make us feel rejuvenated to beauty balms that soften the skin and infuse us for deep and restful sleep.

3. Food for Mood

Our diets are key to our daily functioning. What we put in isn’t just for a moment of satisfaction but choosing nutrient rich foods can have a positive impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. By keeping a steady blood sugar throughout the day we help maintain a level head that is happy and working in tune with our bodies.

4. Valuable Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a key element to self care. Without enough sleep or the best quality, our bodies and minds are singing to different tunes. Similarly, too much sleep can also be detrimental. Setting ourselves up for success by maintaining a routine of waking and heading to bed at the same time can make a huge difference. Our favourite aid for high quality sleep is a pillow mist that soothes the mind and helps us drift away for the most restful and natural sleep.

5. The Exercise Effect

As crucial as sleep is, so is exercise. Without giving our bodies the time to be energised and active we can become restless in body and mind. Exercise has great benefits including the release of endorphins, making us feel better, stronger and ready for whatever life throws at us!

Self care is truly important for a balanced life. Without looking after ourselves we can struggle to look after and help others that might need us too. By putting in place one or two new ideas for self care we instantly become more mindful and are likely to quickly see the benefits. Our individual wellbeing is just as important as anyone else's.


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Guest article written by Remy Harman, on behalf of Made By Coopers @madebycoopers /

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