Founders Notes: April

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Each month I write a personal reflection on the month gone by, some musings and thoughts on running a start up in the age of...

April: that sweet sweet month where it feels like the relaxation of lockdown has finally begun. 

Outdoor beer garden’s bustling, blossom in full bloom, longer days and a bank holiday to see out the month. 

For me, it felt quite easy to want to rush out but also stay in. Personally, I’m trying to take it slower and savour time at home as much as I do out and about!

I wonder if anyone else has felt a mild fear about re-socialising? I’d be curious to hear.... 

After many months spent in winter hibernation (quite literally), it can feel like we are so used to our own company, and only that of our ‘bubble’, - or - others behind a computer screen, where it’s easy to hide the fact you are in pyjamas and haven’t washed your hair in over a week. 

Ah - that lockdown life. 

Anyway - onto some reflections from April;

  • Remembering how to socialise
  • Best meals enjoyed out 
  • Soft drink season has officially arrived

Remembering how to socialise

Perhaps you’ve heard it in passing the idea of ‘post-lockdown anxiety’ - well, turns out it’s a real thing. 

The idea of being in a big social situation again can feel almost intimidating. Knowing how the past year has been for one another - some loved it, some loathed it, some experienced both. But, it’s safe to say no one was left untouched by the past year. 

It’s interesting as humans how we adapt and evolve to the situations in front of us - out of necessity, that has been to isolate ourselves physically, socially and somewhat emotionally. So it’s no wonder that reversing this urge might feel difficult to get to grips with initially.

I took a workshop with Boom Cycle and Emotion Matters on creating a “'Transition Tool Kit; Fine-Tuning Hope for Life after Lockdown” - it was hugely humbling to be in a group of complete strangers (on zoom, of course), and discussing our lockdown experience. Hearing how other people coped and sharing our experiences was really comforting - as well as discussing tools to aid the transition out; from mindfulness to gratitude and planning ahead.

It turns out the adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” rings true here - talking to each other about our experiences might help remind us we are not alone and add a healthy dose of compassion to the narrative. I’m certainly hoping to take it slower, not jam-pack the calendar and take my time to digest what a monumental year has just passed.

Best meals enjoyed out

That being said - I can’t deny that seeing outdoor venues re-open this month was incredibly exciting and had me scrambling around on the Resy app trying to get a booking (cue 5pm dinner slots, which secretly I love...).

Having just recently moved to Bermondsey, I’ve been exploring the local eating and drinking holes. 

Discovering my new favourite place for Espresso Martini’s (Thank you Chapter 72), endless coffee’s from The Watch House , lunchtime sandwiches from 40 Maltby Street and an evening of fine Spanish tapas and wine from Jose Pizzaro. Also on list is Picque Nique (but, that’s this weekend!). And I don’t think I’m even scratching the surface of what Bermondsey has to offer (tips very welcome).

 Helen’s highlight from the month was a trip to the glorious Cafe Murano  - Italian like she’s never had before: 

“Top tip: the pea and wild garlic arancini are to die for, the focaccia is also a must (and it’s complimentary, so win win) - they bake it fresh every day! Head Chef Angela Hartnett (of Masterchef fame) leads up this team with a Michelin star behind them, it’s honestly one of the best Italian’s I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ll ever have gnocchi anywhere else ever again.” 

Soft drink season has officially arrived

With temperatures hovering around 16 degrees, and at least a 14 day streak of no rain… it feels like the winter cobwebs are being blown out, yes: Spring has sprung (..and the freckles are coming out in full force).

We were super excited to see Fix8 featured in Stylist magazine’s “Best canned drinks for Spring”, sitting alongside some of the best canned wine and hard seltzer offerings out there! 

This is the season I love at Fix8. Ice cold kombucha refreshment on a long hot sunny day, nothing feels better to me. 

On that note of sun, roll on May...

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