Freya’s Top Tips to Create Fizzy Homebrew Kombucha!

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I love making a really fizzy kombucha at home. Especially when it’s naturally carbonated, you can’t help but feel a bit smug about yourself when you create fizz in a homebrew kombucha. There’s no guarantee it will be fizzy, which adds to the fun of the challenge.

Once you taste your kombucha and think it’s at the perfect sweet sour spot (or even slightly too sweet still) - it’s ready for a second fermentation. We have a blog post about how to second ferment and add flavour, found here:

One of the refreshing things about kombucha is that it's slightly sparkling. This means it can behave as a replacement for sugary carbonated soft drinks or a mixer in a cocktail - because the bubbles still give us that satisfying feeling.

There is also a certain refreshment factor you get from fizz. Whether it's sparkling over still water, something about the crispness and mouthfeel just gives it that extra oomph and also makes it a great alternative to booze!

If you have started homebrewing, or maybe somebody has gifted your one of our kombucha homebrew kits - here are my top 5 tips to make sure your homebrew kombucha is fizzy!

1) Get Yeasty With It:

Before decanting your finished kombucha into the flip top bottle at the end, swirl the brewing vessel to kick up some of the yeast fallen from the bottom. More yeast in your second fermentation, means more agents to consume the sugar... and therefore produce CO2 / fizz as a result.

2) Add Sugar:

Add some more sugar once you've flavour your homebrew in the bottle. Once you’ve decanted your ready kombucha into the bottle, add a spoonful of extra sugar. Our favourites include raw honey, raisins or dried figs. You can add more cane sugar, but I prefer to go natural here.

3) Choose fruits to flavour wisely: :

If you want to get really fizzy, choose sugary fruits / juices to flavour your homebrew with. Higher sugar in fruits means there will be more sugar for the yeast to consume, and create more fizz! Our favourites high sugar fruits include: grapefruit, mango, pineapple and orange.

4) Make Sure Your Homebrew Bottle Is AIRTIGHT:

Make sure that the bottle you decant your ready kombucha into is AIR TIGHT. So that NO gas can escape, and instead, it will dissolve back into the liquid and make it nice and fizzy. Make sure to monitor this by burping your bottle from time to time as we don't want any explosions!


You can pop your second ferment somewhere warm to encourage quicker fizz. Pop it by a radiator or even in the bathroom (as long as it's sealed!). Essentially, find somewhere warm to stimulate the yeast to build carbonation quicker.

And there we have it, 5 top tips to have you fizzing like a pro in no time.

Let us know how you get on with your homebrew! Tag us in your creations on facebook or instagram: @FIX8ONTHIS

Freya x

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