Founder Notes: November 2020

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Hi Everyone,

Freya here - Another month through 2020 and lockdown 2.0 survived… I hope i’m not the only one with dinner booked for Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat next week. Feels a bit extravagant? But then this year has been just that.

With December on the doorstep, I won’t lie and tell you I haven’t already been cracking on Michael Buble’s Festive album - there’s something bizarrely comforting about it… but more on my Lockdown 2.0 survival strategies later.
On to November’s round up:
  • The Fix8 Can Launch
  • Fundraising AKA Investor Speed-dating
  • Lockdown 2.0 reflection

The Fix8 Can Launch

It always looks like it just ‘happens’ over night… but our cans have been many, many months in the making, and was the result of one of the fastest learnings after bringing Fix8 to market; the need for an ambient product alongside our chilled offering.

Of course - in the world of start-ups… it never goes to plan…

After getting our cans ready to launch in October, we soon realised they all had the wrong labels on them. Hats off to our label partner who then proceeded to individually remove each label from our (thousands) of cans and reapply the right one. A huge amount of gratitude to you, Dave.

The cans are totally exciting for us because not only do they open up the whole ambient drinks supply chain (for pubs, bars, festivals… as well as export!), there are a whole host of benefits of aluminium packaging that I’m sure you’ve also heard of: more carbon friendly, infinitely recyclable and of course - there is a familiar drinking experience with the ‘cracking’ open of a can.

We have a blog post coming soon as to why we also went into cans.. So watch this space - it’s a juicy one.

Fundraising: AKA Investor Speed-dating

If I'm honest, this has taken up the bulk of my time this month and it’s a bit of a rollercoaster! We’re fundraising at the moment for our next stage of growth - and despite the perhaps unfavourable economic backdrop - it’s been exciting to have so many conversations with interesting and experienced industry friends, strangers, investors, leaders and more.

Ah, the virtual sphere we now live in. I often reflect if it has been a help or hindrance for our funding round... but the eternal optimist in me says it’s been helpful. Whilst, nothing will quite replicate that ‘in person’ encounter where one picks up on the body language, personality and energy of another being... the ease with which ordinarily busy individuals can ‘hop’ onto a video call, has made the entire process more accessible.

I joke that it feels a bit like speed-dating (not that I’ve ever actually been speed-dating, I must confess). But, spending 30 minutes or up to 2 hours (if we really hit it off!) with a potential investor certainly lends itself some insights. Every call has challenged and excited me - with a pinch of humour, hustle and sometimes gruel, to get through. I’m excited to see from the seeds planted what will flourish.

Lockdown 2.0 - My survival techniques

PILATES IN MY KITCHEN AGAIN? FFS. My flatmates will be the first to tell you I was NOT looking forward to another lockdown. But it’s felt completely different, and dare I even say it... I’ve quite enjoyed this one. As someone who isn’t home that much in ‘normal times’ - what with meetings, drinks, dinners and socialising, it’s been nice to have a level of consistency, routine and quieter evenings at home. Some of the things that have got me through this time around:
  • Watching Telly: this might sound a bit silly, but every new year I commit to watching more telly (it’s not something I really do.. shock!). This Lockdown - I finally committed.. and had a lot to catch up on: I started watching Fleabag (IYKYK), The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit… the talk of the netflix town! Freya watched TV... Big achievement.
  • A good book: Currently i’m reading ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle. It’s felt like a pocket of comfort to dive into after a long day. If you read one book this year (ladies) - read this.
  • Movement: BLOK London has been keeping me going with their virtual classes and whilst sometimes I think WTF am I doing squatting and squeezing (probably looks like humping) a pillow between my legs, whilst holding a butternut squash for weight… sometimes you have to chuckle at the measures you’ll take to get a good workout in.
  • Stillness: The ultimate ‘superpower’ - I’ve been practising Vedic meditation for nearly 4 years now, and whilst it never feels ‘easy’, it’s probably my most trusted superpower.
  • Wine: come 8pm, if i’m still doing emails (which I try not to do.. but needs must at the moment), i’m opening some wine. Nothing excessive, 1 or 2 glasses of a nice bottle.
So that’s November gone. We’re gearing up for the onslaught of the festive season and have a special ‘Christmas Gift Homebrew Kit’ just launched. With all this extra time at home, it seems a lot of our tribe are enjoying making their own kombucha - something I sing the praises of time and time again! If you are interested to learn more see here (link).

I wonder what December will bring - one thing is for sure, much more Michael Buble on the speakers for me.

Until next month,


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