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Our City Saff has a fond place in Fix8’s hearts... 

When you try the Citrus Saffron for the first time, you don't like it... You LOVE IT. 

Let’s dive a little deeper, and see if we can understand why… 

Our Citrus Saffron combines cold-pressed tangerine oil, orange blossom, cardamom and whole saffron to create a sophisticated, vibrant and welcomingly uplifting flavour profile. Check for notes of saffron and refreshing tangerine when you next take a sip… 

So let's dive a little deeper into some of those ingredients... 


The tangerine fruit has been used throughout history in herbal health practices, and is well known for its cleansing and purifying qualities. Like many other citrus oils, tangerine oil helps to support a productive and healthy immune system, whilst also offering stimulating and energizing effects on the nervous system.


One of our personal highlights of the City Saff is the fragrant cardamom that punches through the kombucha; cardamom is often found in your chai lattes, and a staple for any good curry. But there are countless benefits to this humble spice, including anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, aids digestion, stimulates better oxygen uptake, and promotes all round well-being. 


As Lily Canetty-Clark expertly wrote in a previous blog post; Saffron has been shown to be excellent in fighting against anxiety and depression. It is also known as a sattvic aid to meditation, meaning it helps bring about a sattvic life, which is a life that is pure, vital, clean, strong, true, wise and honest. 


Freya, our founder, is a regular orderer of a standard gin + tonic. The aromatics that can be found in gin were the basis for the flavour combo in the Citrus Saffron. The combination of a zesty hit of tangerine, matched with the subtle spice and twist of cardamom and saffron, ensures a tap on the refreshment button like no other. But as ever at Fix8, we retain our sophistication by not going too heavy on the sweetness, and letting the natural flavours of a successful ferment carry on through. 


How about a deep dive into the benefits of the ingredients, look no further than this wonderful blog by the epic herbalist, Lily Canetty-Clark.

How to pair our Citrus Saffron? Check out our blog here, where we were paired expertly by Camille Vidal on Channel 4!

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