Fix8 Saffron Spritz – as seen on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch

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A non-alcoholic spritz bright in flavour with the power of nature and the gut health of kombucha” Camille Vidal, founder of La Maison wellness

We were so excited to get a call from the lovely Camille Vidal, creator of La Maison Wellness, to tell us we were going into one of her Spritz Cocktails for Sunday Brunch on Channel 4!

This is the perfect Spritz for a dose of summer in your glass. And perfect for when you are cutting back on the booze, or wanting an alternative.

For a deeper dive into the cocktail, see Camille’s full blog post here

What you’ll need:


Garnish: Lemon wheel and Thyme

How to build:

Build directly into a glass for a single-serve. Start by pouring your delicious Everleaf non-alcoholic Aperitif tipple over the ice, then top up with FIX8 Saffron and Citrus Kombucha to compliment the flavours as well as adding the power of kombucha! Finish with your favourite tonic water. A lemon wheel and some thyme sprigs to garnish et voila!

Camille’s notes and flavours:

“Everleaf is a beautiful non-alcoholic bittersweet aperitif made with loads of different botanicals. It’s an incredible product, delicious, versatile and made with consciousness. Everleaf is a perfect ingredient for your non-alcoholic cocktails.

Fix8 Kombucha beautifully crafted this kombucha is packed with flavours, sophisticated, vibrant and uplifting.”

All photos captured by Camille Vidal, La Maison Wellness.



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