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Next up in our homage to what makes Fix8, here’s our fruity flavour focus on Strawberry Tulsi.

Strawberries from Essex, and Tulsi from India - a match made in heaven. 

Strawberries are, believe it or not, the perfect fruit to match with herbs + spices. Think strawberry + black pepper, or balsamic vinegar, or basil! 

This was where the inspiration for our fiersome red flavour came from; Strawberry + Holy Basil. 

Holy Basil? What’s that? Look no further; Tulsi, is a big dog in the Ayuverdic scene. It is known for its healing properties, and proven ability to reduce levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. 

Tulsi tea also works wonders with your digestive system, adding further benefits to a kombucha that is already blooming fantastic for your gut! So, it’s a win win kind of situation…!

Tulsi has been seen to improve blood circulation and therefore said to stimulate sexual desire. It is used in Indian medicine for its calming and uplifting qualities, making it the ultimate mood food. 

Watch out for a sophisticated herby flavour in our Strawberry Tulsi - this flavour combination is the ULTIMATE thirst quencher, Freya and Helen both love an ST post yoga sesh after a long day of Fix8ing. 

And lest we forget, the strawbs! Now we all know, and love, the humble strawberry, and there are plenty of obvious things out there that you might already know about the humble strawb - but we thought we'd give you a treat, and give you our fav five lesser known facts: 

1. Ancient Romans believed these beautiful red fruits had strong medicinal qualities, and used them to treat all sorts of ailments, from a sore throat, to fevers, to depression! 

2. But the Romans weren't completely crazy! Strawberries are indeed seriously good for you - they're very high in Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin B9 and Potassium! Plus, they've got heaps of anthocyacins - which is proven to improve short term memory

3. There is an entire museum in Belgium dedicated to the strawberry: Musee de la Fraise de Wepion

4. There are on average 200 seeds on every strawberry

5. Strawberries aren't even berries! The flesh that forms around the seed doesn't come directly from the ovaries, but the part around the ovaries, which form together to create the whole fruit (bit of a crazy thought, huh..) Their technical name, is "accessory fruits". 

So, there you have it - the Strawberry Tulsi - full of facts, full of benefits, and full of flavour. Happy days! 


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