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Triple Ginger Kombucha (6 x 240ml)

Ginger juice. Ginger extract. Ginger oil.

Three-dimensional flavour that combines Kombucha character with exceptional spice.

Filtered water, Black Tea, Green Tea, Kombucha cultures, Cane Sugar, Fresh Ginger Juice, Ginger Extract, Ginger Oil.   

A naturally fermented tea, crafted + cultured in small batches by hand in South London. We make our flagship flavours by infusing our raw Kombucha with medicinal-grade herbs, extracts + essences for a bigger, better buzz + flavour you can feel from the inside out. Our Kombucha contains a living dose of bacteria, enzymes + organic acids to feed the gut. Fix8 is colourful in appearance, lightly sparkling, tart + zingy in taste.

Per bottle

Volume: 240ml
ABV: >0.5%
Calories: ST 15.1cal, TG 14.3cal, CS 14.2cal
Sugar: ST 3.8g sugar, TG 3.6g sugar, CS 3.5g sugar

Keep chilled

We charge a flat £5 for delivery or FREE on orders over £40. This £5 is for the lovely delivery chap to make sure he delivers your precious, fragile kombucha in perfect condition.

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